Strange behavior: QWebView with QCoreApplication and QApplication

  • Hallo,

    i am new to QT and don't understand the following behavior:

    When i use the following code to display a HTML-GUI the "Browser-App" is not able to display images:
    #include <QtGui>
    #include <QWebView>
    #include <QGraphicsWebView>
    #include <iostream>

    int main(int argc, char **argv)
    QApplication app(argc, argv);

    QStringList args = app.arguments();
    if (args.count() != 2)
    std::cerr << "pass the URL please\n" << endl;
    return 1;

    QWebView view;
    return app.exec();

    Then i changed the Code and add this 3 Lines direct after "QApplication app(argc, argv);"


    And the images are displayed !
    What is the reason for that?
    Also it is strange, that i have to leave the values as they are.
    Changing "0.1" or "demobrowser" to something else results in not displaying the images!

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