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Switching between Ios and Desktop gives compiler fits with libraries

  • I have a app that is supposed to run either on the desktop or ios. It has two libraries of mine. The main app and the two libraries combined in a subdirs project.

    If I compile for desktop and get it running in either debug or release everything seems fine. As long as I continue to work in desktop mode, everything is fine.

    The trouble begins when I switch to Compile Ios. I'll clean all, rebuild all. Usually it will compile fine but issue the error "Deployment failed. The settings in the Organizer window of Xcode might be incorrect." It appears that my two libraries aren't recompiling with the ios settings.

    How do I ensure that my libraries are recompiled with the ios settings. If fiddle with it long enough, I seem to stumble on the answer and it will start to work. But clearly I'm doing something wrong.

    Any suggestions?

  • I have been staring at this for a couple of hours. And it seems like something under Qt Creators hood isn't getting the message when I switch platforms. I just sat and compiled the iOS version and watched Qt build the Mac version .o files.

    So when it attempted to launch, part of the project files were compiled for desktop and part for IOS. Clearly thats not going to work.

    Somehow a combination of Changing project, cleaning and rebuilding seems to finally solve the problem. Clearly there is a bug somewhere.

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