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Singleton Context Issues

  • Hi everyone, let start with some simplified code:


    @pragma Singleton
    import QtQuick 2.3

    Item {

    function createScreen(fileName, parentItem, obj){
        var newScreen = Qt.createComponent(fileName);
        newScreen.createObject(parentItem, obj);



    @ Component.onCompleted: {
    ScreenManager.createScreen("AnyScreen.qml", root, {"source": "qrc:/images/blabla.png"})

    Even though I pass a root reference to the singleton function, it doesnt consider my newly created object "AnyScreen.qml" as a child of my root.

    It seems like because the creation context is within the singleton, I just get a blank screen instead of what I had before. Anyone know how I could solve this problem ?

  • I just found the problem:

    @var newScreen = Qt.createComponent("qrc:/" + fileName);@

    If i dont prefix with qrc:/ it will try to load the file from qrc:/singletonfolder/

    Good news is that everything is working !!!

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