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Qt 4.4.3 not able to list directories and files from shared folder.

  • I am trying to use QDir::entryList() to list files from a shared folder. Path is :


    Qt finds the directory but is not able to list the files inside it. With Qt 3.3.4 code was working perfectly fine. I tried entryInfoList() also but same result.

    entryList in Qt4.4.3 works fine for Local Folders but not for shared folders. Any suggestions for getting it work or any work around ?

  • Have you tried it with a newer version of Qt? 4.7.2 for example?

  • No, I have not tried Qt 4.7.2, I have to use only 4.4.3. It's big project and can not just switch over in between. But its really strange, didn't Nokia Testing team did proper testing ???

  • I'm not suggesting that you switch over, just that you try a test with a newer version. At least then we know if it is already fixed. If that is the case then you can either upgrade or you can look for the commit that fixed that bug and apply it to 4.4.3.

    Of course Qt is tested, but regressions can and do happen in reality.

    Edit: You can do the test with 4.7.2 using a trivial test harness, no need to build your entire large project against it.

    Edit: please use edit instead of a new post to add to your previous post; Andre

  • Did you search the bugreports to see if this is or was a known bug?

    You might at least try and see if you see the same behavior in a recent Qt version. If so, than you might try to find the patch, and backport it to your version of Qt.

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