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How to open program by opening customized file type

  • Hi,

    I have an application, suppose ABC, created by Qt creator. User can create a .abc,customized file type, file by using that app. Problem occurs when user want to double click the file to open it. My OS (Windows 7) cannot identified the file type and it can not open the file using my app.

    I know I can guide OS by using 'Open with'. I prefer if OS knows at the beginning to select the proper app, without selecting manually.

    How can I do it?

    Thanks in advance for reading.

  • Have your installer create a file association at install time. Most installers have a simple method to do this. If you have no installer then you will need to consult Microsoft's documentation to determine what registry keys are required.

  • Thanks for you reply.

    I'm using Inno Setup Compiler 5.5.1.

    I'll read it's documentation.

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