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QtCreator Plugin

  • I have to create a plugin for the QtCreator. Therefore I want use the compile output window. Can anyone give a advice how I can use the compile output window?
    Thank you in advance!

  • I have already compiled the source of QtCreator and startet with the helloworld plugin as base. Now I need to know how can I write to the compile output window, what is needed to include. The methods I have already found (clear, append a.s.o) but the access from my plugin is missing.
    Can anyone point me in to the right direction?

  • Hi Scylla,

    have you already looked at the documents from "VCreate Logic": ? They have a tutorial on how to create QtCreator plug-ins

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    Rule of thumb: If a class is in the Internal namespace then you can not get access to it from outside the plugin it is in. The compile output window is internal to the projectexplorer plugin you have no direct access to it.

    Try #qt-creator in the freenode irc network or the Qt Creator mailing lists. That's where all the developers hang out. Feel free to stop by and discuss what you want to do. We tend to default to Internal classes but are always willing to make one public if somebody presents a good use case.

  • @Tobias Hunger
    Ok thank you for the information. I thought that there is a official way to use one of the output windows, without creating a seperate window.

    This tutorial is very helpful but not up to date.

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