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C++ Plugin Creating component editable in QML Visual editor

  • I'm trying to make a plugin that can be used in QML visual editor.
    I wrote the plugin deriving my class from QDeclarativeItem,in the plugin I insert a Qt widget (a QLCDNumber) using a proxy.
    I can use the component in QML, no problem, works as expected, syntax highlight, property works fine.
    If I try to edit with visual editor I see the component with the proper name, but if in the navigator I select the component I get in the property panel "none or multiple items selected".
    The component itself doesn't draw itself in the visual editor.
    Visual editor can load it since I've put the dll in the import directory of Qt.
    I've tried also to override the paint method, the methos is called in qml execution (qml viewer), again I don't see anything in output in visual editor.
    In QML visual editor the new qml class is not listed in the list of avalaible's class also.
    Probably I missed to write some part in deriving from QDeclarativeItem, trying to use the plugin samples from Nokia I get similar results so I don't know how to find the code missed.

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