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Qt Creator: Hide or show menu items

  • Some time in the past, I reconfigured Qt Creator so that certain items would no longer show up in the main menus. Now I want to re-enable these items, but can't for the life of me remember what exactly I did to customise menus. And I can't seem to find anything related to this in Tools->Options...

    Can someone remind me how this is done?

    I'm using Qt Creator 3.2.2 - but the customisation was done using an older version, probably 2.8.something.

    Note: I'm talking about the menus in Qt Creator itself, not software I'm developing using Qt Creator.

  • Did you try Help -> About Plugins in the menu? When I uncheck/check some items, it changes the menu after a restart.

  • I just checked that everything I wanted was enabled earlier. Now I've also tried disabling and re-enabling some of the items, but it doesn't change anything.

    I'm quite sure there is or used to be some way to enable or disable at the menu item level, but I can't remember where I found it...

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