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QMovie objects issue

  • Hi,
    I am using Qmovie for gif files on Qlable.

    I am facing some problem in updating gif file on Qlable.

    I have a requirements like this:

    1. have to show some valves status "OPEN" and "CLOSE".
      I have two gif images with different image.I am updating this gif files on Qlable for respective states of valve.
    2. Based on some algorithm i need to updates Qlable.
      I have to updates some 20 Qlables at a time.
      Problem is:
      if i can update Qlables individually i can see gif image changes.
      If I can do in bulk it was updating but i am unable to see one or two changed gif images. If i can click on tile bar of the window or if i do tab b/w pages the i can see all Qlable gif image changes changes.

    Why this how can overcome this problem.

    I am using Qt 5.2.
    I am using gif because i need to show some animations on Qlable.

    Please help us.

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    Can you try calling qApp->processEvents() after updating each QLabel ?

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