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[How To] How to debug in Qt Creator 3.2 with Win 8.1 + Qt 5.3.2 + VS 2013 Upd 3

  • Recently I installed in a Win 8.1 box with Visual Studio 2013 Update 3, Qt 5.3.2 with web installer. Selected all boxes related with VS2013, Sources box, and Qt Cloud box.

    Created a simple Qt application (just a button saying "Hello"). Worked. ¡Good!!
    Tried to debug it... no luck. "No debugger set up" appeared in screen. Looking at the kits (Tools, Options, Build&Run) for VS2013, I noticed that "Debugger" field was empty and disabled (thus with no option to edit it).

    The official page was not clear enough for me "Setting Up Debugger": Googling and googling took me into this forum post that gave me the final hint: "How to debug projects under Qt 5.1/MSVC2012":

    So, in order to get debugging, you must install a WDK (this includes the Windows Debugging Tool and the Microsoft Symbol Server). You can get it at: "WDK download":

    I installed the WDK 8.1 Update, and now Qt autodetects the debugger and I can debug my projects. Be warned: it takes 1,1 GB of space. Perhaps you may consider to install only the Debugger Tools and MS Symbol Server, available in the same page.

    I hope this was useful to others stucked in same situation I was.

    Best Regards.

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