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Web App with Qt

  • Hi,

    Qt has many technologies to create "web-oriented" application like the recent Qt cloud services, QWebKit, etc. What would be the possible combinations to create a web app using Qt as much as possible?

    As an example (not sure if it is possible), what about:

    - Backend: Qt Managed Application Runtime + Enginio;
    - Frontend: QML in the browser?

    Thanks for your input!

  • You forgot JSON as data format. And it's possible to communicate with webpages via URL-Commands and set parameters to the web-page you are calling.

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    There are many attempts to run Qt in the browser. One of the notable ones is "QtWui": . It allows you to run a Qt app as a webserver that translates the c++ code to html.
    Another one is "emscripten-qt": . Emscripten is a LLVM based compiler that generates javascript, and with this Qt port you can write Qt app as usually and then use emscripten to compile it to javascript that runs in the browser.

  • Thanks for the input. I am really looking for "normal" way to do things. Code generators are not in my "normal way to do things";)

    So, for the front-end, would it make sense:

    • JS + HTML for browser;
    • Qt for Mobile;
    • Qt for desktop.


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