Qmake WARNING:Failure to find: qstd.h qstd.cpp

  • Hello guys.

    I'm working on a Qt4 tutorial with a .pro like this:

    CONFIG += debug console
    CONFIG -= moc
    INCLUDEPATH += /home/quique/src/qstd
    DEPENDPATH += /home/quique/src/qstd


    SOURCES += qtio-demo.cpp qstd.cpp
    HEADERS += qstd.h

    But I have Qt 5.2.1 and Qmake 3.0 and qmake send me warnings:

    WARNING: Failure to find: qstd.cpp
    WARNING: Failure to find: qstd.h

    Here's another .pro but this isn't work too and send me the same warnings:


    TEMPLATE = app
    TARGET = qtio
    CONFIG += depend_includepath
    INCLUDEPATH += /home/quique/src/qstd.


    SOURCES += qtio-demo.cpp qstd.cpp
    HEADERS += qstd.h


    Can you help me?

    Thanks a lot.

    Carlos Hdz.

  • Where are qstd.h and qstd.cpp located? Why do you have CONFIG -= moc in the first case, and a dot at the end of line #4 in the second case?

  • qstd.h nd qstd.cpp are located in /home/quique/src/qstd

    The first case is from the Qt4 tutorial, and the second is from me, its the result of command qmake -project and i add the IncludePath

    Erasing the dot still not working.

    Thanks andrep

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