Deploy Step Failed

  • Hi All,

    I want to learn how to use Qt on the Beaglebone Black. I used the steps outlined on "". I created a vm using the recommended version of lubuntu and followed all of the instructions to download and build Qt Creator and install Qt on the BBB. I was having great success and able to build a simple Helloworld app. I setup the debugger and it reported that it could connect to the target( the BBB ). Then the issue.

    I tried to deploy the app to the target and got the following error: "The remote file system has 0 megabytes of free space, but 5 megabyte are required" . When I examine the BBB using "free -m" it reports that I have 372 megabytes of free space available.

    Is there some process that should be running on the BBB and if so what is it?


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