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[SOLVED] Code highlighted in a blue box means I can no longer find anything!

  • Urrgh! I don't know how to explain this one but a 'fat finger' (keyboard slip of some sort) turned a part of my code to be highlighted in a light blue bordered box. This meant that I could only find within that area. Tried to delete the box with code and now I have just a tiny box with no characters and cannot use find at all!

    Anybody know what I have done, what keys I have inadvertently pressed?

  • Do you mean your code in Editor is blue? Or in Designer??
    In QtCreator you could check the tools->testEdit options, check out what colour the blue is and see what the reason is. It might be that you enabled a DoxyGen text block. DoxyGen always starts with /// and then another character.
    So maybe you just misplaced a / to many when you commented a piece.

  • Thanks for the quick response.

    In editor (my mainwindow.cpp). I will attach a screenshot because it's not just highlighted blue but also bordered with rounded edges. If it still had code in it it would surround all that code's text.

    I don't seem to have tools->testEdit (Mac, Qt Creator installed a few weeks ago)

    The DoxyGen text block could be it. If so how do I get back to normal? I cannot find a way to delete this or anything else now I have isolated it and 'Find' only wants to find in this, now empty, block.


    Edit. Figured by Tools->testEdit you meant Preferences->Text Editor on Mac. The block is for 'search scope'. How do I get back to normal?

    Edit 2. Doh! Just close the Find area ( X button top right ) and all back to normal. I'll mark as solved.

  • Hihi, sometimes the most easy solution is the hardest to find ;-)
    Happy coding!!!

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