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Qt 5.3.2 Alphabuffer with Quick 2 windows distortion

  • In any project I try to use alpha transparency with-in the window always ends up looking distorted and all colors messed up I always end up with what looks like a sharpen filter effect on all elements of the window while QQuickWindow::setDefaultAlphaBuffer(true); if I set it true that's when it happens however when set to false everything looks fine! but without the transparency...

    This even effects the standard examples included with Qt 5.3 SDK

    Im using the Opengl build 64bit version of Qt MSVS2013 on windows 7...

    My GPU is Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 TI latest driver installed...

    Any Idea what is going wrong here? is there a better way to set transparency for Window?
    I attached the image of one of the examples included with Qt the photo surface demo and as you see it looks messed up!

    ! Capture)!

  • In-case anyone was wondering how the images should look I attached the screen cap of how it looks without setDefaultAlphaBuffer(true)

    Would Really appreciate any info or input as to why this is happening!

    ! Alpha)!

  • I even tried a clean install of QT 5.3.2 and reinstalled my nvidia drivers while removing any profile settings still same problem am I the only one facing this?
    Should I report it as a bug or does someone know a simple work around?

    Please advise...

  • Ok so after a-lot of major tweaking I found that I somehow now get the windows always appearing with no transparencies even with setDefaultAlphaBuffer(true) however I think that now the reason this is happening is because of the custom drivers im installing and custom setting im using with nvidia for my own VR HMD display setup I will be done with my unreal engine testing by next week and will reset to clean setup and see if that's the cause of the problem!

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