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Annoying issue in console development

  • Hi,
    I have a really annoying issue doing console development. When hitting F5(run in debug mode) the disassembler randomly pops in into play. Hitting F5 again and the program continues and runs as expected.

    I have even seen it with the default Qt Creator console stub.

    Could someone please advice howto get rid of the randomly uninvited Disassembler.

    Qt 5.3.0
    Qt Creator 3.1.1
    MinGW 482_32



  • Hi.
    Have you checked out the shortcuts of Qt Creator
    Please do check.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for your answer - But it has nothing to do with the keypress, the disassembler randomly pops in, even when clicking on the play(debug) button.

  • Hi,
    You might have a 'hidden' breakpoint in your code! Check out the breakpoint window and delete them all. That will fix it.
    Breakpoint may get out of sync with your code (or a breakpoint is misplaced in your code).

  • Unfortunate not! - Thanks anyway

    Disassembler dump:
    Function: ntdll!DbgUserBreakPoint
    0x77690008 int3
    0x77690009 <+0x0001> nop
    0x7769000a <+0x0002> ret
    0x7769000b <+0x0003> nop
    Function: ntdll!DbgBreakPoint
    0x7769000c int3
    0x7769000d <+0x0001> ret <---STOPS HERE
    0x7769000e <+0x0002> nop
    0x7769000f <+0x0003> nop
    0x77690010 <+0x0004> mov 0x4(%esp),

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