This application failed to start ... with attempting to deploy application with QT development environment installed...

  • Hello,

    I have a working QT development environment and a working QT deployment. I followed the steps for deployment based on the last thread I created about this topic without issue.

    If I try to deploy the application within an environment that has the QT development environment installed, however, I run into the following screen:

    ! Error)!

    Note that all of the plugins are found but perhaps there is some confusion between my deployed application's version of the necessary plugins and the ones within the QT path.

    If I rename my Qt install folder to something like Qt-Old then the deployed application works but of course my development environment is jacked.

    So, how can I have a deployed app made with QT and my development environment for QT remain intact and both of them working?

    Thank you for your time.

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    You got that error message because your application tried to load the wrong version of Qt.

    Remove Qt from your PATH. It shouldn't be in the PATH -- that causes problems like the one you're experiencing now.

  • Thank you, but I didn't put QT in the Path, the installer did.

    Does that matter? Would I be breaking the QT development environment by removing QT from the PATH variable.

    Ideally I would like both my deployed package and QT to be running without issue without making any changes on the target system.

    If I have to make a change on the deployment package please let me know.

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    That's interesting. Which installer did you download? The official installers from are not supposed to modify your PATH.

    How do you develop your Qt applications? Neither Qt Creator nor the Visual Studio Add-in require Qt in the PATH.

    Also, regarding the target PC:

    What version of Qt (Qt version + compiler version + OpenGL-or-ANGLE) does your development environment use?

    What version of Qt does your deployed application use?

    P.S. It's "Qt", not "QT". "QT" refers to Apple QuickTime.

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