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Project Problems

  • Hi All
    Why Sometimes I Work With a Project For Long Time One Day The Project Will Go Ruin I Mean I Want To Add Some Codes To This Project But This Codes Does Not Work Correctly Until I Have To Create A New Project And Transfer Whole Project To The New Project( Copy & Paste) Then The New Codes will Work
    Why This Will Happen??
    It Happens For Me Many Times Only The Project That I Worked For Too Long Or Opened Many times!

  • You have a file by name [ProjectName].pro.user in most cases, DELETE this file will solve such problems,
    BUT Attention, It is better to move this file to another place, to prevent data lost.
    after do this and double-click again in .pro file QtCreater ask you where save output .exe or ... file; set these correctly and have fun.

  • Thanks For Your Reply
    I Want To Know What Is the cause of this Problem Why this Will Happen?

  • Thanks too, I am sorry that I don't know exact reason. I hope, you find it soon.

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