How can I debug the dread jom "error 2" problem?

  • I've been working on an application on Linux, and now need to get it to build on Windows using Visual Studio 2013. I can get it to mostly build on Visual Studio 2010 (though the compiler chokes because one of my libaries uses fenv.h) so I know the CMakeLists.txt is good (note it's a cmake project and not a pro project)

    When I switch to a Visual Studio 2013 kit, jom starts giving me the "error 2". I tried opening a command window and running the 'vcvarsall' batch file before running QtCreator from the command line (to ensure the proper environment is set up) and it didn't help.

    Does jom write any sort of log or error file, to give me some hint why it hates me so much?


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    error 2 ? This is clearly file not found issue. For which file it is giving this error ?

  • I was able to track down the problem - jom had a dependency on a DLL (I think it was mspdb100.dll) which only existed in Visual Studio 2010, and so when I switched my path to point to Visual Studio 2013 it couldn't find the DLL. I don't think it's a good idea to have jom rely on external dependencies like this (or if it must, those DLLs should be part of the installation) ...

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