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How to convert pointer of qint8 to qstring ?

  • Hi,
    I need to get the string for value of qint8 which is stored in pointer?

    // returns qint8*

    I tried with
    @QString volString = QString("0x%1").arg(this->_vol,0,16);@
    @QString volString = QString::number(this->_vol);@
    but I get every time no matching function

  • Moderators

    if _vol is a function you need to call it ( () ), and if it returns a pointer you need to dereference it ( * ). You don't need to type this-> every time. That's a given.
    //assuming _vol is a member function:
    QString volString = QString::number(*_vol());

    //and if it's just a plain old data member:
    QString volString = QString::number(*_vol);

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