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Cannot create file /Userse/(username)/.config/QtProject/qtcreator/qtversion.xml: No such file or directory

  • This is on a mac btw.

    So when i boot up Qt I get a cycle through a load of error messages all similar to this, where multiple necessary files don't exist. I understand that this is because the installer gives permissions and/or access to the root user however I am not seeing the folders there or anything. Any ideas? I tried this earlier on another computer and there was no issue so I'm stumped.

  • Qt creator saves the configuration in this file. QT creator creates the file if it does not exist. if you are getting this error then try running Qt creator from terminal with sudo.

    '.config' is a hidden folder to open the path use "Go to folder" option of Finder.

  • so the sudo command didn't work, I am getting the same errors and there is nothing for Qt Creator inside the .config folder

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