[Solved] Qt 4.7.2 and Qt Creator 2.1 already installed in computer : Do I require Qt SDK 1.1b?

  • My system is a 64-bit ArchLinux. I already have Qt 4.7.2 and Qt Creator 2.1 installed.
    Does Qt 4.7.2 provide everything that Qt SDK 1.1b offer? As far as I read the release details, it includes :
    1.Qt 4.7.2 for Symbian and Desktop
    2.Qt 4.7.2 for the Qt Simulator
    3.Qt Mobility 1.1.1
    4.Qt Creator 2.1
    5.Qt Simulator 1.1

    Now, I think that Qt 4.7.2 includes the first point. What about Qt Mobility and Qt Simulator? Do I have to install them separately? Or Qt 4.7.2 already comes with Qt Mobility APIs atleast?
    The reason for asking this question is mainly that I already have a system-wide Qt and Qt Creator. So, I would love to work with them instead of installing a local Qt SDK 1.1 beta installation. However, if my current installed packages does not cover all, I would proceed with installing Qt SDK 1.1 beta.

  • I haven't sure !! because I'm using previous version of Qt, but what about your download size? (Qt SDK 1.1 only is about 900MB or more)

  • Its some 600+ MB..I know I am missing some things in my default install, when compared to this size of SDK. But I dont know what I am missing.

  • From my point of view, you should install NOKIA Qt SDK 1.1 (924MB+) if you need to develop mobile apps otherwise (desktop) above component are enough.Sorry if i don't understand your question,expert may help you, I'm windows user and i don't have idea about new release.

  • It depends on what kind of applications you want to create. If you do desktop only, then what you have is sufficient.

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