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QT Visual Studio addin 1.2.3

  • Intalled QT Visual Studio Addin 1.2.3 to MSVS2013. The Qt menu shows up but when I try to load a Qt project nothing happens. Has anybody seen this and have a a fix ?


  • Hi,
    If i want to Programming using Qt in VS 2013
    first download Qt which is compatible with VS and have OpenGL
    second download QT VS addin which is compatible with VS version
    are you sure from versions and compatibility issues?
    if OK
    Try to configure Qt settings from your visual studio (i offer to read installation guide from Wiki).

  • Hi and thank you for taking the time to try and help me out. I did not know that opengl was the recommended way to go. ( I downloaded the angle version).

    Can you refer me to the wiki page you mentioned, And are you suggesting compiling QT on my computer or can I just use the installable version

    Thanks again

  • if your problem is just with Load project
    Right click on .pro file and in openwith... select VS
    but if you have some other issues
    read installation instruction again :)
    i have not the installation wiki page
    you can search it dear :)

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