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Working with Transitions tutorial?

  • Very minor question (I hope).

    I'm trying to do the Transitions tutorial built into Qt. It calls for a file states.png, but I don't seem to have it on my system. I'm pretty sure I've installed everything necessary. A google search for the file also came up empty. Can someone direct me to a location for it? Thanks.

    "the tutorial":

  • OK, I read further into the tutorial, and found the desired size for this file, so I ripped off a copy from the Qt site and altered it to 64x64. That problem is resolved.

    Now, I'm at the part of the tutorial "Adding Animation to the View," and I'm stuck. Where in the .qml file am I supposed to add the Transition section? I put it at the end, and that must be wrong, because 1) it doesn't like the comma at the end, and 2) I can't get the Qt Quick Toolbar to display (or I don't know where to look for it).

    Any help, please?

  • I have found the Qt Quick Toolbar:

    1. Put the cursor after the "NumberAnimation" word in the editor
    2. press ctrl+alt+space or click Tools->QML->Show Qt Quick Toolbar

    I hope it was helpful :)

  • Thank you...that worked. It still doesn't work (for me) by clicking the little icon that appears in the code, though. I wonder if I should file a report, or if I'm doing something wrong in my preferences or something.

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