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[Moved] How to set Sources Directory in QMake

  • Hi everyone...

    I want to order my project files this way:

    / *root
    /include *the .h files
    /src *the .cpp files

    Is there a way I can do this with qmake? because as I see in qmake, I can set the includes folder with the INCLUDEPATH, but I can't find any variable in the documentation to set the SRC file. Any tips on this? As you can imagine, my .pro file is in root. I have thought about placing the .pro file in src, but I don't feel it's the usual project structure, usually you place the makefile in root, and then have a src, include and lib folders.


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  • You can use the relative path in the SOURCES variable in your .pro file (SOURCES += src/somefile.cpp)

  • You can use the "subdirs": variable in your pro file.

    My pro file looks like this for example:

    @TEMPLATE = subdirs
    CONFIG += ordered
    SUBDIRS += src@

    And in the sub directories the actual .pro file.

  • @mlong - using relative path to SOURCES still doesn't change the fact that I'd have the src/ in the file path, that's exactly what I'm trying to avoid.

    @ucomesdag - the subdirs template would mean that I need to configure .pri files, so I'd have to setup a module, which is not a clean way of doing that

  • I don't believe there is a variable for setting the source path. As I recall, the INCLUDEPATH variable is used for resolving the #include locations in your source code at compile time, not for qmake to locate the headers' location in the source tree in your project. You'll still need to explicitly include the paths to the headers in the HEADERS variable (HEADERS += include/foo.h).

    No matter which way you go, the SOURCES and HEADERS variables need to explicitly point to the files you're using, either in a subdirectory or in the working directory.

  • Well Raul, try to add "DEPENDPATH": variable to *.pro file.

    @#Something like this
    DEPENDPATH += $$PWD/src

    Good luck...

  • @mlong - yeah, I guess you're right, there is no other way to go, I'll just have to settle and have the src/ and include/ in my project files, thanks :)

    @thanatos.jsse - on you DEPENDPATH, instead of using $$PWD/src you could use ./src instead, relative paths are allowed that way, just so you know ;)

  • Hi Raul,

    I had the same problem and honestly did not find a good solution. You can use the following code at the pro file to include all files from a given directory to the source:

    @SOURCES += src/*

    This idea will not avoid the the src/ in the file path but at least you will not to add a list of all files and paths to them at the pro file.

    Best regards,

  • If you want to split the file names and their location, you can use
    VPATH += ./src
    SOURCES += files1.cpp file2.cpp

    VPATH is somehow the equivalent for source files of nclude path for makefiles.

    You can have a look at "qmake doc":

  • @florent.revelut - cool thanks! that's almost what I need, too bad that Qt Creator still shows me the src and include as folders in the "sources" and "headers" section in the project tree, it would be nice if Qt Creator could dismiss that and use the vpath paths as root folders for sources.


  • [quote author="Raul" date="1301293630"]@florent.revelut - cool thanks! that's almost what I need, too bad that Qt Creator still shows me the src and include as folders in the "sources" and "headers" section in the project tree, it would be nice if Qt Creator could dismiss that and use the vpath paths as root folders for sources.


    Hmmm... no thanks to that feature, if you ask me. I actually like that the separation into folders is preserved. Perhaps we organize our projects in different ways, but for me Creator just putting them on the same level would be going backwards.

  • AndrĂ© : well, I don't agree 100% percent with you.

    Personnally, I like when I can split physical organisation and logical organisation.

    Physical organisation has to deal with constraint, dependencies, configuration management (e.g. some part of code delivered by another team, from open source project, from other repository).

    Logical organisation is how you want to display it in your UI, which is "human related"


    • you can organise your code per layer in terms of configuration management (applicative, c++, C/ASM)
    • you want to display your code per feature (i.e. per vertical slices of the layer)

    Sometime, having 1 sub-project per folder just messes around with your ide.

    From my point of view, he cleanest is to have a way to split representation from build, a bit like cmake allows to do it.

  • I agree that this would be a nice feature.
    I use it a lot in MSVS, to organize the used files in logical groups.

  • I can't believe I haven't had to ask this yet, but...

    ...what's the recommended technique for adding a directory to the header path? I want to start using the QDeclarativeView.h file, but my makefile doesn't know where to find it. Do I alter my UNIX $PATH variable? Manually edit the .pro file? Change some settings that I currently can't seem to find?


  • mzimmers: add to your .pro file:

    @QT += declarative@

  • You need to edit the .pro file to add the declarative module to your project. Then the relevant headers will also be found.

  • Thanks, guys. A very minor follow-up question: is there a convention for the ordering of stuff in the .pro file? In other words, is there a particular place I "should" put this line?

  • Near the top, but that is just me I guess.

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