Visual Studio TFS integration for Qt applications

  • We're developing a Qt application that needs to be built on both Linux and Windows hosts. On Linux we'll be using Qt Creator, and on Windows we'll use VS2013 with the Qt plug-in.

    The workflow we're using in Visual Studio is to open the Qt .pro file, and allowing the VS plug-in to generate the solution and project files. If another developer makes changes to the project, I would get the latest source from TFS, then open the .pro file again, and allow the Qt plug-in to regenerate and overwrite the VS solution and projects. We're not storing the VS solution/project files in TFS.

    The problem is that now we're not integrated with TFS. Modifying a file in one of the solution's projects does not automatically check out the file for editing. The solution for this is to bind the solution to to a project in TFS.

    How does this work when the solution will be regenerated on a relatively frequent basis and probably break the binding? Do we have to rebind it every time?

    Some additional information: Originally, the workflow was to have a set of .pro/.pri files for use with Qt Creator on Linux, and a set of .sln/.vcproj files for use on Windows. However, it appears some build-machine specific settings are included in the VS project files that cause builds to fail on different build machines. I read somewhere (can't find it now) that the preferred workflow is what I described up above the break.

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