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Qt ActiveX in Visual Studio

  • Hi Guys!

    I've got two question about Qt and Studio ...

    1. Does anyone know if it is possible to compile (Qt) ActiveX components in Visual Studio without the Visual Studio Add-in? I mean like creating idl from the source code (like Qt Creator does)? - I've tried to set up post build actions for IDC ... without success.

    2. I have to create an out-of-process COM server for a Qt app (actualy I have to build it into an already working software), so I've tried to do it with Qt library, QAxServer. Well, first I've tried to compile and run some Qt examples, which worked just fine with Qt Creator, but not with Visual Studio. I could compile it, but when it was running (the one compiled with VS), I got some access violation (looked like it came from the main message loop) .. the same code worked with Qt Creator. (Note, there was an important line in the .pro file: CONFIG += qaxserver)

    The documentation ( sais, that the qaxserver configuration will cause the qmake tool to link the binary against qaxserver.lib instead of qtmain.lib.

    I didn't link explicitly qtmain.lib in VS (maybe it does, through other libraries).. Does anyone know how to link qaxserver.lib INSTEAD OF qtmain.lib?
    Or any other idea what could cause the crash?

    Thanks in advance!

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