Qml camera initialisation

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    I am using camera in Qml from QtMultimedia .Everything is quiet good.But the onlything i am struck with is i.e.,application freezes for 5-10 seconds when i start loading the camera state to loaded state.Initial on page load am making camera to be in unloaded state.i do not know how to over come this..Here is sample code
    @Camera {
    id: cameraBack
    captureMode: Camera.CaptureStillImage
    cameraState: Camera.UnloadedState
    up on some click event i am making
    @ cameraBack. cameraState = Camera.loadedState@

    Can anyone please help me with some solutions?

    Bala Beemaneni

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    According to the doc "here":http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5/qml-qtmultimedia-camera.html#cameraState-prop and if I it understood correctly, UnloadedState is suppose to take time for getting ready to capture image. But the application should not freeze. Can you check if it goes into LoadingStatus so that you can atleast display on your app that the camera is initializing ?

  • yeah it goes in to loading status wen i called but with some time delay...but i do not understand why it freezes the application to black colour background?

    bala beemaneni

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    "QTBUG-41467":https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-41467 seems to be a closer to your problem or you could report this one too with more specific details.

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