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"configure project" required after update/upgrade/different pc???

  • It seems that every time I update/upgrade creator I have to re-configure all my projects. This is very annoying to say the least, as I have a bunch of build options defined.

    I also tend to mirror the project directory structure on multiple pcs to develop on multiple platforms. I figured out that checking in the .user file to source control is a bad idea, but every once in a while they still seem to conflict.

    What triggers the "configure project" requirement? Is it only some change in the .user file? Are .user files not compatible across versions of creator?

    Thanks for any suggestions...

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    .pro.user file stores the project configuration in Qt Creator: on that particular PC and OS, and Qt Creator version. So you should never copy that file to other OSes or PCs. They also tend to be incompatible between Qt Creator versions. If you remove some Kits, Qt versions or compilers, the file will become invalid, too (because it will point to invalid project configuration that uses - for example - a version of Qt that no longer exists).

    So there are a lot of things that can render those files invalid and thus trigger reconfiguration. Another option is that you are running something like git clean -dxf occasionally, and it deletes the .pro.user file - again, triggering the reconfiguration.

    To make it easier for you, you can create (and add to source control) a file named .pro.share. "Here is how":

  • Hi,

    [quote author="sierdzio" date="1411375951"]To make it easier for you, you can create (and add to source control) a file named .pro.share. "Here is how":[/quote]

    Thanks for the link!

    I didn't know about .share files. I hesitate to call them a solution, but they're certainly relevant.

    It seems that both my preference for auto-indent and build flags for each build config are stored together in a single file. If I happen to open a project with a different version of creator, then I have to re-enter all build settings because one or two xml entries have changed.

    That's... unique.

    The solution is to copy and paste GUI settings stored in XML format into another file? And remember to do so every time I change them?

    Clearly Creator still has a few ... challenges ... left.

    This is what I'll do for now: when prompted to reconfigure, save all the current .user files, let Creator wipe out all my settings, then do a file diff on the old and "updated" .user files. This time it was pretty easy to pick out which settings I had made that should be restored.

    I'm no fan of XML, but surely the current way of doing things keeps the ugly xml syntax while forfeiting nearly all of the advantages.

    But now I'm just ranting. Sorry.

    Thanks again for the suggestion! :)

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    You can raise the topic on Qt Creator mailing list. This is known to be suboptimal.

  • [quote author="sierdzio" date="1411386146"]This is known to be suboptimal.[/quote]


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