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"Could not initialize egl display: error 12289" - cross-compiled Qt 5.2.1 for Win64

  • Dear forum,

    I am struggling a little with a Qt problem hoping that one of you can help me out.

    I am using the openSuse (based on Fedora) Linux cross-compiler suite for compiling a Qt app for Windows x64. In the past I was using Qt 4.8 without any problems. Now I am porting to Qt 5.2.1. Our tool chain differs a little from the default deployment:

    • Link against MS VC 11.0 C runtime (msvcr110.dll)
    • Link against runtmchk.lib and WbemUuid.lib (from MS SDK)
    • The application opens a OpenGL context using QGLWidget with frame buffers and other stuff from OpenGL 2 (ES subset)

    Now the problem: The application can not be started. Dependency Walker identifies the following error message:
    "Could not initialize egl display: error 12289"

    Any idea, where this may come from ?

    • The problem appears in a virtual machine with Windows 7 guest, and on native Windows 7
    • I have all mingw, GCC and Qt5 related DLLs beside the executable
    • I installed qwindows.dll in platforms folder
    • I installed the Windows Qt5 SDK and copied the D3D_compiler_47.dll into the path of the executable.

    Best regards

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