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\include folder lacks of header files contained in \src folder

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to build Qt in shared format (need to include webkit) and create a package used internally to develop our application. I'm quite confused about the resulting structure for the needed header files.

    Basically I would like to produce a package with the following structure on the file system

    @\bin --> tools (moc, uic, ...) exec, dlls, ...
    \iconimages --> icon formats dlls, lib, pdb
    \imageformats --> image formats dlls, lib, pdb
    \lib --> qt dlls, lib, pdb
    \include --> header files@

    however, when compiling the final application that uses Qt, it comes out that the \include folder needs the headers files contained in the \src folder: e.g. QtNetwork/qnetworkaccessmanager.h contains

    @#include "../../src/network/access/qnetworkaccessmanager.h"@

    This requires the package I want to produce to include the entire \src folder (maybe "manually" stripped from *.cpp, *_p.h, ...).

    My question is: is there a configure/make switch that enables the build process to put in the \include folder all the needed header files so I don't have to add the \src folder to successfully compile the final application?

    If this is not possible, could someone please make a list of all the file types I can strip from the \src folder? I'm not sure if the only needed files are the *.h minus the *_p.h files (that in my understanding of the problem are private header files).

    Thank you

  • I've seen this ugly src include too... the only simple solution for us was to purge the src directory from everything but .h files. I would be interested in a better solution too.

  • If you use the new Qt SDK, it's clean :-)
    There you only get the headers in the include folder, and no src folder. You can download the src folder separately.
    If you download the source zip file, it stays as is, with the headers in the source folder.

  • Thank Gerolf, it's good to know.But...

    • the 'Beta' sufix would make my IT responsible sweat
    • it's concerning for my point of view that 'framework only' != 'SDK - tools'
    • Well, I'm not sure that having to download 100 MB of (maybe useless) extra stuff to fix that weird inclusion is a satisfying solution

  • The Beta is used as some parts are beta.

    Creator is release 2.1
    Qt is 4.7.1 or 4.7.2 of dexktop
    Miobility is: not sure
    Meego is: not sure
    Symbian is: not sure

    Use the online installer.
    Then you can select, what should be installed.

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