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New website, company name and indie mobile package

  • Today we have a bunch of news to share. First the new Qt company will be called Qt Company. Second, we have the first parts of the new unified website up at And last, something that people have been asking for a lot, an indie mobile package.

    Read all about it at:

  • You'll also notice that the homepage and downloads page are telling you to visit the new pages :)

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    Pretty green :-)

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    Let's see how this goes. The transition from Nokia to Digia was a bit painful, also on the dev net (lots of broken links, missing docs, etc.).

    I definitely like the Indie package idea, the price is much more tolerable now.

    As for The Qt Company... I have to say it does look a bit like Digia is trying to peacefully throw out a division that is not making enough money. I may (and really, really want to) be wrong here, however.

  • SGaist, green is good :)

    How about first comments on the Developer page layout? (the links still lead back here)

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    [quote author="Tero Kojo" date="1410870722"]SGaist, green is good :)

    How about first comments on the Developer page layout? (the links still lead back here)[/quote]

    Looks fine. I would make the gray background a little bit darker, currently it's very close to white (although it may be due to my insanely bright LCD screen :P).

  • sierdzio, the company structure is more about keeping people sane. Digia has a strong Finnish business and Qt. Anyone trying to steer those two at the same time will get a headache, they are just so different.

    And I promise to be extra careful when we get to the part where we need to set redirects when we start moving real content from here.

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    Indeed !

    Looks pretty clear and nice :)

    The only thing that seems out of its place is the Usabilla look & feel. Otherwise people will have no excuse to be lost there :)

    I wonder if something like "Use Qt" and "Join the Community" (Maybe this one is a bit long) would be more appealing than "Development" and "Community"

    That would make: Get Started -> Use Qt -> Join the Community. What do you think ?

  • Usabilla is there to catch the first impressions and glitches we might have missed.
    That would work, would sound more active too. (time to go and make some changes :)

  • bq. You get the Qt libraries, Qt Creator, a commercial license and full development and deployment rights to the Android stores, App Store and Windows Marketplace (Note: the package doesn’t include support, commercial add-on features or Qt Cloud Services).

    So, we can't publish mobile apps written with LGPL Qt to Application stores, am I right?

  • No.
    As long as you follow the license you have chosen and the rules of the app store you wish to publish in, you are ok.

    However as I'm not a lawyer, and haven't published on app stores personally, I'm not going to give out any legal guidance on what you can and can not do.

    Please read and understand the LGPL and the app store agreements carefully.

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