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Create movie using binary files

  • hi. I want to create a movie file from binary files. I am able to read binary files using following code

    @QFile myfile;
    int fnum,
    if(! return;
    QDataStream data(&myfile);
    QVector<qint16> result;
    while(!data.atEnd()) { qint16 x; data >> x; result.append(x);

    here fnum is the number of frames and represents a binary file... can anyone share an idea for how to create a movie file from these data.. at the moment I am able read a frame and plot an intensity plot using qwtspectrogram. but I also want to save the complete movie.

  • Hi. You can implement FFmpeg. In this case you can choose the container and then you can insert all frames you want. At the end you will have a normal movie.

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