Missing MinGW Generator

  • Hi,

    I am trying to get QT Creator to use mingw-w64 for one of my project, however I am stumped instantly as I can not get it to display a MinGW generator.

    I have a MnGW kit with the correct compiler and debuggers set up, but I can not find a way to get the MinGW generator option to show up.

    I am using QT Creator 3.2.0.

    Any help is much appreciated :-)

  • I have found a solution now.

    The problem I was having is that I could not get QT Creator to forget about the project and let me re-configure it. (Build directory, etc). Having now deleted the CMakeLists.txt.user file and re-specified the build directory I now have more options available to me for CMake generators, including MinGW!

    So am I missing an obvious way to change the configuration for a project? I was basically moving from the MSVC compiler to MinGW GCC, but without deleting the CMakeLists.txt.user file that resides alongside the original CMakeLists.txt I see no other way. What if I wanted to test both compilers for whatever reason from inside QT Creator?

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