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Ctrl+Mouse Click doesn't work as advertised with QListView...

  • @ // Set up multi-select for the contacts list

    // select whole rows

    And I still can only use the shift for multiple line select. Documentation regarding AbstractItemView::ExtendedSelection clearly states:

    bq. When the user selects an item in the usual way, the selection is cleared and the new item selected. However, if the user presses the Ctrl key when clicking on an item, the clicked item gets toggled and all other items are left untouched. If the user presses the Shift key while clicking on an item, all items between the current item and the clicked item are selected or unselected, depending on the state of the clicked item. Multiple items can be selected by dragging the mouse over them.

    Is that a QT Bug?

  • Got It.

    The documentation is indeed misleading. On Mac OSX, it's the "Command" key + Left Mouse Click that selects multiple non-contiguous rows. I guess CTRL+Click would work on Windows and perhaps Linux.

    The documentation needs to mention that ;-)

  • Then please write a "Jira": entry for documentation so it reaches the people. Please ad there a link to this forum post and perhaps here the Jira link. Thanks.

  • Submitted a bug report. Thanks.

  • Moderators

    Could you please link to the bug in JIRA? Such a link makes it so much easier to follow topics across the various sites:-)


  • It is mentioned in the docs for "QKeySequence":, but if you do not happen to stumble over it, it's unlikely you have read it.

    bq. On Mac OS X, references to "Ctrl", Qt::CTRL, Qt::Control and Qt::ControlModifier correspond to the Command keys on the Macintosh keyboard, and references to "Meta", Qt::META, Qt::Meta and Qt::MetaModifier correspond to the Control keys. Developers on Mac OS X can use the same shortcut descriptions across all platforms, and their applications will automatically work as expected on Mac OS X.

    BTW: Qt just switches to the Mac's standard behavior here - so, it is not really a surprise. A Mac user without knowledge of Qt's docs would have done it the correct way intuitively :-)

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