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What compiler does Qt Creator use?

  • what compiler does Qt Creator use?
    on Mac, it's use CLANG?
    and on windows what does it use? and in Creator, can it configure which compiler to use?

  • You can set up "kits" as per your requirements. I cannot comment on Mac, but on Ubuntu I generally have kits set up for Clang as well as GCC. On windows, I use QtCreator with MinGW (I do not know if you could set it up to use a Visual C++ compiler).

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    There is nothing specific. You can configure to work with either gcc, vc or mingw etc compilers. I have configured on same to system to use minGW and vc+(cl) to work with Qt creator. This is the beauty of Qt.

    Do you have any issue ?

  • yes, i found there, but there is a red exclamatory mark before the desktop Qt 5.3 clang 64bit (in Kit and Qt versions).
    and in compiler, it detected iphoneos-clang, iphonesimulator-clang, and i tried them with the qt-opensource-mac-x64-ios-5.3.1.dmg, but still not success.
    in the project settings, the Makefile is blank and not found...

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