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Windows All target hell (qt5.3 C++/QML)

  • Hi,
    My questions are:
    1)Is there any success stories that C++/QML application is working on any Windows machine (XP/Vista/7/8) or we initially failed choosing Qt5 and QML and we had to choose something else (like C# + WPF or should use Qt 4.8 + Widgets and draw everything on canvas)?
    2) If yes, do you have any tips and tricks that you used making your app to work on WinAll?
    Problem description:
    My team is developing freeware application that should run on any windows platform. We were planning to make nice-looking interface. Unfortunately we chose Qt5.3 (C++/QML QtQuick 2) framework for developing. When all Windows(XP/Vista/7/8) platform testing was started (several hundred installations) we faced real problems that I've never ever had before (20 years of programming experience from assembler to C#).
    Parts of problems with WinXP were solved when we changed MSVS 2012 compiler to MinGW 4.8.2 32bit(we found that it was the only way to overcome getTickCount64 issue on dll for win XP). Parts of problems were solved when copied ALL dlls from qt bin directory, copied all folders from plugins (according to
    But about 30% of testers are experiencing problems that they see blank window, when they start a program (a lot of them have Windows XP, some of them Vista), and one of them has Windows 7 Starter (last one has fatal error in ig4icd32.dll). App is normally started by other 70% testers which are using PC, laptops, XP,Vista,7,8, a half of them 32 bit and the other 64 bit.
    I tried to start program by myself on one of WinXP PCs (with blank window) – reinstalled drivers, installed last DirectX 9.0c, but all was useless. Now I understand that there are some problems with OpenGL 2.0(no support or partial support on that hardware). So we are trying to build Qt 5.3 with Angle support using MinGW 4.8.2 32 bit, but unsuccessful for now. There is no such safe toolchain in downloads on, but as I see that is the only option that should be for Qt 5.3 by default. I hope we’ll make it, but I can’t understand what is the right solution.

  • Hi, about that GetTickCount64() problem in Windows XP, it's not true that the only way to overcome it, is to change from MSVC2012 to MinGW.

    If you've upgraded your MSVC2012 from RTM to Update 4 and still get the GetTickCount64() error, you've run into a "Qt bug":
    (The zips to be downloaded in the bug report isn't around on my website any more, but the "FrankenQt" solution still works :-)

    Also I've written more about Qt on WinXP "here":

  • hskoglund, thank you for your reply, in that case I'll try to turn back to MSVS+Angle one more time, May be it'll be more productive now.
    But what about success stories? Have you succeeded running Qt 5 QML programs run on any Windows platform on any hardware?

  • The solution was not found, so we are falling back to qt5.3 + Widgets.
    Unfortunately, QML is only for sandboxes, and is not intended for real all platform projects.

  • Hi, you mean you've found no solution for the GetTickCount64() problem or no solution for Qt QML for your project?

  • Particulary this problem was solved, thank you. We couldn't manage to work Qt 5.3 QML (QtQuick 2.0) on all hardware. But usual Widgets on problem hardware are working fine.

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