Building minimal Qt5 - no GUI, just QtCore, QtNetwork, oh and QtScript [SOLVED]

  • I am building Qt for an embedded target which has a very minimal distribution. My Qt application links only against the QtCore, QtNetwork and QtScript libraries. There is no GUI and no keyboard input.

    I think I can get everything I need except QtScript from building the qtbase module, and turning off things with the -no<fill-in-the-blank> options. But how do I integrate the qtscript module with this build?

    I remember when Qt5 was first released there was documentation on assembling modules together, but that seems to be gone.

    I do not want to start with the full source distro and take things out. I'd rather start with the qtbase and add the qtscript, but I cannot figure out how to do this. Any guidance is very appreciated

  • OK sorry for the post, the answer is super simple.

    Download and build qtbase, then install it.
    Point your QTDIR to where you installed the qtbase, and add $QTDIR/bin to the front of your path.
    Now just un-tar the qtscript source tarball, cd to it and qmake; make

    It builds the libs and learns where the Qt base installed to. You can make install to add the qtscript libs and .h to your Qt build.

    I presume the other modules are this easy also.

    Very cool stuff.

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