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Qt Designer and Qt Linguist crashed when I open ~10 files

  • Sometimes, when I used designer to open about 10 forum, the app crashed.
    Linguist has the same problem.
    I setup the 2010.05 QT package.

    When the error messagebox pop up, I used WinDbg to attached the designer or linguist process, but not found the qt symbol file(I used Mingw complie). But how use Cdb or Gdb attached the process?

  • Sounds to be related to "this topic":

  • I don' know, but the bug can reproduce every time

    Open designer(zh_CN version4.7.0),
    drag and drop one form(must need qrc file ) to window. Now pop up a messagebox: "loading qrc file". Then if I clicked "Yes" button, the window crash., or if I switch other windows, the messagebox not respose, must kill it in "windows Task Manager".

    So this problem I met is not the same to "Multiple pages in QStackedWidget": If not loading qrc file, I can open more than 15 files

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