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Scroll bar contrast - can it be increased?

  • I am asking about the text editor. I am not talking about programming a scroll bar. I've searched online and found millions of help about programming scroll bars and text areas, but I want to change the color of the scroll bars in the Qt Creator text editor itself. I found the font and background color scheme amendment but could not find anything about the coloration of the scroll bars. I don't know whether any body else has the same problem but my scroll bar tablet (the thing you slide up and down) is white and the area above and below it is very slightly off-white. But you can't really see any contrast, and I often can't see where the tablet is. If anybody knows if it can be amended - please help. Or is it just a fixture of 5.2.0 that is difficult and annoying?

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    That sounds like something your windows theme controls. I don't use Qt Creator much but I doubt there is a way to modify the scrollbars. It would be a weird almost never used option.

    If there is a way to set a stylesheet for the scrollbar at a system or even application (qt creator specific) level then you would be able to change it to whatever you liked. I don't know if there is a way to do this though.

  • Thank you. I've been to System > Preferences > Appearance on my Mate / Fedora 19 linux system and I can change the Theme of most other windows, but the Qt Creator seems to ignore those changes and have hardwired in scrollbar colors (to something like 255,255,255 / 250,250,250) brightness. Thanks though.

  • You can try to use "stylesheets": to change QtCreator appearance.
    "Here": is an example for QScrollBar styles.

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    What window manager are you using? I find that if it is anything except KDE it doesn't always affect Qt apps. Qt apps and KDE are integrated but they don't necessarily (the qt app that is) play well with our WMs like gnome and such.

  • Thank you andreyc. I have tried it and can amend the look of the scroll bar. Thanks.

    But when I add the -stylesheet parameter some of the headings go white, instead of the gray they were. See that "here": I have ringed round in red the discoloration. Even if I supply a blank file.css file with only newlines in it, the title bars still get changed. Any ideas?

  • ambershark - I'm using MATE

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    Yea qt looks don't integrate to much outside kde.

    As for your stylesheet what happens when you apply a stylesheet is the Window manager no longer draws the item. So you need to set it up exactly how you want it to draw via the stylesheet. Kind of annoying but adding a stylesheet basically has qt draw it instead of the Wm.

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