[Solved] QWebElement::toOuterXml() only returns the first 102 characters?

  • Hi all,

    I want to get the complete HTML source of a page I just rendered in a QWebView.

    From what I understand from the doc I should be able to get the main document element and just put it out the way I tried it in the source below. This seems to work, but the result from toOuterXml() always ends after 102 characters. Any suggestion what is going on? Thanks!

    QWebFrame *_frame = m_mainWindow->currentWebFrame();
    QWebElement _htmlElement = _frame->documentElement();
    QString _html = _htmlElement.toOuterXml();


  • I just figured out the problem is limited to debug builds on osx. If I build release it works. Debug builds on linux work as well.

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