Can't install Qt 4.7 on N8

  • Hi everyone,

    I developped some applications using SDK 1.1 beta, which includs Qt 4.7.2 and Qt Mobility 1.1. I was trying run it on N8, but i failed.

    I know i have to install Qt 4.7 and Qt Mobility myself on N8, i tried, but i also failed.

    it indicates:

    @PIPS installer is not upgradable
    OPEN C libssl error -11@

    Does anyone knows what the problem is and what i should do?

    Edit: Remember QT is QuickTime not Qt

  • Hi,

    The easiest way to install a Qt base application with all required Qt dependencies to a Symbian device as N8 is to wrap the application with Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian:

    Once you do it all dependencies will be download and installed automatically and you will solve the issue!


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