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Backspace with a virtual keyboard in combination with WebView

  • Hi,

    I have written a virtyual keyboard to edit/enter text. This was not specific for WebView only but it only fails to work with WebView. It does work for instance for TextEdit.

    What already works with a WebView

    • I'm able to show and hide the virtual keyboard
    • I'm able to add (append) text.

    What doesn't work

    • removing text with the backspace button on my virtual keyboard. This does work on TextEdit {...} but not for WebView

    When I click a button the qml calls some C++ code - a qml plugin - that sends an event to the focused object.


    @ void VirtualkeyboardKeys::keyPressed(QString character) {

    QObject* focusObject = QGuiApplication::focusObject();
    QInputMethodEvent ev;

    if (character == QString("backspace")) {
    } else {


    I'm using Qt 5.2.1

    Any ideas? Thanks for the help

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