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Qt Examples in Different Directory

  • I have Qt 4.8 version installed from Linux repository which was installed in the default usr/bin. I also installed the latest version 5.3 via the SDK which resides in the /opt directory. However when I use the new QtCreator, the demos and examples on the Welcome screen still shows the set from the old 4.8 version. How can I have QtCreator point to the new set of examples residing in /opt?

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    Can u try launching qt creator from one present in 5.3 directory ? I suspect that u may be still opening old qt creator.

  • I can confirm I'm using the newer 5.3 QtCreator. I was able to update my qmake to default to the newer version. I just can't find a way for the Welcome screen to point to the new set of examples.

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    See if you can fine qt.conf in bin directory of your qt installation and try to change the path like this.


  • I found qt,conf and changed the paths as suggested but still wouldn't find it. My suspicion is it won't be changeable partly because of qtdemo. The old examples are built and precompiled for the qtdemo app and somehow all examples default to its content. But any other suggestion is appreciated.

  • I applied a radical approach. I deleted and reinstalled Qt 5.3 and the new examples are properly showing now. What more, the new install automatically produced a qt.conf file in the bin directory in which the above paths were automatically added.

    I can happily close this thread and thanks Dheerendra for your help.

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