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New to Qt, want to cross-compile for raspberry pi

  • I've recently downloaded Qt Creator and need help moving forward. What I want to do is develop applications using Qt Creator installed on a Win7 laptop. I've completed and tested the application on the Win7 platform, now I want to compile it for a raspberry Pi running the raspbian OS. The Qt Creator doesn't seem to have the correct compiler, etc., to get this done.
    What do I need to do to setup Qt Creator to cross compile for the raspberry Pi?


  • Hi,

    You have a long path ahead... :D

    First of all. Raspbian OS is a Linux based OS. So, it's better you develop your applications on Linux (nobody develops linux application in windows).

    There is a tool for linux: Buildroot. When you configure this tool, it will generate all Qt packages for Rpi. So you just need to compile your application and test it on your board. If you connect your board in a Lan Network, you will able to debug your application in real time.

    This is a overview about what you have to do. Do more googling about this subject and tell when you can't move ahead.


  • I was thinking of doing as you suggest. Installing Qt Creator on one of my Linux systems. But, even if Qt Creator is running on Linux, I'll still need the specific setup for a Raspberry Pi. So what is the purpose of cross-compiling if you have to run your IDE on the same platform as your target system?

  • Well, well, well...

    You can have the same OS, not the same platform. Your PC may be a x86 Linux Ubuntu. Your raspbery is a 32bit ARM. Because of this you have to cross-compile all your application to 32bit ARM.

    For doing this, you have a big allyie: Buildroot. It will do all the hard work for you.

    If you need some good tutorials, google can find a lot for you.


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