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The Quickest Way to Make a Windows Transparent?

  • Hi everyone,

    Recently I installed (fingerprint gui) to make my laptop's finger scanner work. Great work, it works not only with all the DMs and unlocking screens, plus whenever I do a sudo I just need to swipe my fingers.

    However the gui needs some polish:

    Instead of making the window transparent, the current behavior makes half of the gnome screensaver black, which is really ugly.

    I never used qt. By doing some quick research qt seems to have a file called QML which looks like css. I'm wondering if I could solve the problem in a "configuration way" by editing the QML instead of changing the program.

    Another idea is to hide the dialog window totally by calling the hide method: I don't really need the interactive window to tell me swipe my finger(It's useful in some situation).

    What's the quickest way to solve the problem? As I'm totally new to Qt, any guidance is welcome.


  • I might find a way to "hide" it. But like I said, it's a great software. If any qt specialist here is willing to help polishing the gui, that would be great. Thanks for reading.

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