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Serious bugs on QtQuick designer Creator 2.1.0

  • Hey guy I still notice some serious bugs when I try to work with the QtQuick environment.
    Esspecially the designer tools have some issues.

    I first notice these bugs in the early beta releases but now with the offical QtQuick release I'm a bit confused about the

    For example:
    In the QtQuick design mode the properties section tends to disappear out of the right side of thescreen.
    So the properties can't be used.
    Another issue is directly in qml coding mode with the QtQuick Toolbar which doesn't appear with proper layout.
    Parts of the toolbar are missing or the color picker is nearly useless because of some controlling elements are completely absent.

    These are just a two of the bugs I faced with.

    I don't really want to call them bugs until I know whats the problem.

    I develop on a Win7 64bit system the Creator is version 2.1.0 revision 8ef69343b8.
    I use Qt 4.7.2 and had the same problem with earlier versions of the libraries and Creator.

    Does this never happen to anyone before ?
    What could be the cause of these two issues.

    Hope you have any idea of what I'm talking about ; )

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    I never ran into those issues myself, but then I do very little UI programming:-)

    Have you considered filing "bugreports": I would consider something that causes so much confusion a bug, even if it was intended to behave this way (which I doubt;-).

    The snapshots of Qt Creator are currently using the 2.2 branch which is approaching a beta release... maybe you want to try that? I know that there is a lot of work on fixing issues with the Qt Quick designer going on. The component is still very new and not tested inside the Qt Creator team as much as we'd like: Qt Creator does not use Qt Quick, so the majority of our team does not use the Qt Quick designer on a regular, day-by-day basis. That makes your bug reports even more important!

  • Ok thanks Tobias,
    I thought that the new designer is more stable since the official Qt Quick release.
    On my Linux machine everything works fine. Maybe there is a coherence between this bug and the Windows system.

    Of course I will report this bug.

    And yes I guess I will give the 2.2 version a try.

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    I spoke to the Qt Designer guys: Looks like Windows 7 in 64bit is causing some layout issues in Qt Quick designer for some reasons they still need to investigate:-(

  • Good to know that this is an acutally and known issue.
    Thanks for the involvement.

  • I have another issue with C++ extensions.

    When I register a new type to qml and import it the quick designer reffers to the import as an error.
    "package not found"
    So as soon as I import a new type the designer becomes nearly unusable.

    Is there a way to go around this or is it still a bug ?

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