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How to create videochat using C++ and QT

  • Hi all,
    I am a newbie in QT. I am tasked to write a desktop videochat app for clients in one virtual lan.

    Could you please advice me where to start?

    Is it possible to write the whole code from scratch or I should use third-party libraries to deal with the problem?


  • Hi,
    Nup, with the Qt network stuff it's easy to setup a LAN network connection and with the QCamera classes your more then able to read in the camera's. Then the QMedia for the sound and your done, but it will be a pretty big program, never heard of skype ;-)

  • I have implemented a subclass for QAbstractVideoSurface to access video frames, however I am having trouble to display it on window? Can I use it the same way as an intstance of QCameraViewFinder?

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