IPad orientation changes in qml

  • Hi all,

    I am developing an iPad application with QML. I would like to detect the change of orientation of the iPad,
    so that I can do different things on Portrait and Landscape. Which is the best way?

    Until now I have a Rectangle item inside which I have used a sensor like this:

    @Sensors.OrientationSensor {
    id: sensor

    active: true
    onReadingChanged: {
        if ( reading.orientation == Sensors.OrientationReading.TopUp ) {
            orientation = "Portrait";      
        else if ( reading.orientation == Sensors.OrientationReading.LeftUp ) {
            orientation = "Landscape";


    however the sensor reading changes before the screen-content orientation is complete.
    Is there a way to detect when orientation change is complete?

    Any help about the use of Screen.orientation?

    Any help?


  • Hmm, try out to handle change signals on width or height of your ApplicationWindow. I would think the orientation is finished if the width or height is changed.

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