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File Transfer via bluetooth

  • Hi
    i am working on Bluetooth module in qml.I have gone through various available examples and did some coding.I need some of ur help to guide me in right direction.

    1.Do we require pairing for sending file via bluetooth. it possible to send directly to end device with its address?

    2.Initially in my example With pairing only i was able to transfer file but next time if i unpair and send the file it gets transferred..

    3.What about uuid? How do we generate that?

    I am confused a lot...So can anyone of you list me the basic settings to be done before transferring file...and can u xplain how to pair ,unpair,connect,disconnect and send the files..

    So please post ur answers here ASAP

    Bala Beemaneni

  • You will find several response in this link:

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